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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Learning from Gap, Adidas, Nike, Target Other Environmentaly Conscious Retailers

Not to put a too much of a commercial twist on it, but how can other retailers--no matter what you sell--follow the model being set by Timberland, North Face, Adidas, Gap, and lots of other big guys? They're making eco chic according to Time magazine and it's an example worth copying.

More than 60 big name brands and retailers pilots a program for apparel makers. They assign a Higgs Index to the eco friendliness of clothing. It's all voluntary. Anyone can join. Anyone can apply to get a rating for their clothing item.  It was only last week my workout spot (Total Woman) featured a rack of yoga clothing that is eco friendly. They were expensive but also stylish, soft to the touch, and wickable. 

I like both the idea and the inclusiveness of the thing. It's great marketing. Should prove profitable--for the businesses and the planet. Everyone wins. So don't we need this for other industries, too. What retail organization could help rate independent stores and chains? What organization could offer (Zagat style?) ratings on paper or home cleaning products?

So far the US government has nothing to do with this program. Thus there's no penalty for a low score and no roses to pin on the noses of those who rate high. 
Well, OK. Rating high gives a company (vendor, retail store, whatever) bragging rights.  And maybe a write-up in in Time?

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  1. Interesting post and thanks for sharing. Some things in here I have not thought about before.


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