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Friday, March 5, 2010

Quick Marketing Tip--Don't Throw Out What's Great

Everyone would like to know which promotion they're doing works and which doesn't. That rarely happens. Sometimes we think we know and we don't. Recently Pepsi redid its logo. Dan Neil, LA Times marketing expert, laments what they did. He says "It looks like some strange foreign knockoff of Pepsi--Pipse, maybe."

Here's the thing. People are inflexible. You train them to like you, like what you do, like what they see. They can even get attached. When you change things you have to be very careful that 1. what you are discarding truly is no longer working and 2. that what you replace it with doesn't alienate their sensiblities. I mean, poor Dan Neil had his nostalgia button flattened and for no good reason.

He quoted Scott Montgomery as saying "People are running around saying, "Oh my gosh, we've got to do something'...There are all these pressures. Sometimes it's a good thing, if you can make sure you're not throwing away something important. "

Trust me, if a marketing powerhouse like Pepsi (or Coke--remember their Classic Coke fiasco?) can booboo, so can an independent retailer on a small budget.  Often the most frugal approach is to do nothing. Your next consideration is do something, but take it easy. Put your little toesies in the water and see what happens. That's market research if you do it formally. If not, it's just playing it smart the easy way.

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  1. Interesting post and thanks for sharing. Some things in here I have not thought about before.
    Brand Consultant
    Neeti Biz


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