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Monday, March 1, 2010

Opening Salvo: Great Marketing Begins with a Acknowledgement

This is my first post on Survive and Thrive for Retailers and I thought I'd start with wisdom from Seth Godin. You may or may not know him but recently he posted "Win the Fight, Lose The Customer" on  his blog and it so nicely fit with a professional marketing stance for retailers, I thought I'd begin with it. It is sort of an affirmation or a mantra to say yourself (or to your customer) whether you think the customer is right or wrong but it's especially good if you're convinced he or she is wrong.  It goes like this:

"I have no problem acknowledging that you're unhappy, upset, or even angy. Nex time, I'd prefer to organize our interaction so you don't end up feeling that way, and I probably could have done it this time, too. You have my attention and my empathy and I value you. Thanks for being here."

You can, of course, frame this in language you feel comfortable with, but the essentials are all there.

There are occasions when one doesn't want a customer back. I may discuss those rare instances in a future blog. But in my nearly 30 years as founder and operator of my own stores, I found only two of them. I admit I'm a patient person.

Whether one is patient or not, Seth's appoach is a valid one. Who is right is rarely the point. The point is, how customer or client and provider can get past the incident and move in a positive direction. In other words, reach for a win-win.  This same approach can be used by vendors when dealing with their retailers.

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