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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Think an E-Mail Can Replace a Hand-Written Note?

Note: This post is from guest blogger Maria Murnane of  Honey Pot  and author of Perfect on Paper: the (Mis)adventures of Waverly Bryson.  These products are available at wholesale and because this is a newbie line, it's your chance to shine with something new, something cute! Something no one in your area has seen! Reach Maria at .

Honey, nice try, but think again.

Yes, we are all busy, and yes, it is much easier to send an e-mail than it is to send a real letter or card. But the truth is that nothing says “I care” like taking the time to pick up a real pen and use it. Think about it. When was the last time you received a thank-you note in the mail after having friends over for dinner? Or sent a note to a friend after her boyfriend broke up with her? Or opened a funny “just because” card from a friend who sent it to you … just because?
Remember how nice it felt to receive a card like that? Or to send one?

Honey, you are not alone!

I’ve always loved sending cards to my friends, and even before e-mail came along I used to lament the lack of witty options out there, especially for women. I never in a million years thought I’d design a line of my own, but then one day I quit my job and decided to write a novel, a romantic comedy about a single woman called Perfect on Paper. In the book the main character, Waverly Bryson, comes up with a line of greeting cards for women called Honey Notes. Here are some examples:

Front: Is it worse to be fake or bitchy?

Inside: Honey, just face it. If you're asking, you're probably both.

Front: Ever feel like you don't know anything at all?

Inside: Honey, just face if. If you're asking, you're probably both.

Front: Can’t face the dating scene after a breakup?

Inside: Honey, hit the bar, and hit it hard. Beer goggles are the lonely girl’s Cupid.

Front: They say laughter is the best medicine?

Inside: Honey, toss it in with girlfriends and wine, and you’ve found the fountain of youth.

Front: Afraid to show your vulnerable side?

Inside: Honey, that’s better than showing your cellulite side.

Front: Life has its ups and downs, right?

Inside: Honey, if you’re talking about my weight and my bank account, the unfortunate answer is yes, in that order.

After Perfect on Paper came out, so many readers asked me to make the Honey Notes for real that I decided to do it! And I didn't stop there. I launched a website called Waverly's Honey Shop that includes Honey Notes, Honey Tees and Honey Totes, all featuring quotes from Waverly Bryson. Right now the products are only available at, but I hope to get the line into brick and mortar stores. So all you Honeys out there, please take a look and help spread the word! You can also buy my book on the site and/or read the first chapter. If you do, I hope you enjoy it! 

Learn more about Maria at

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