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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Help Small Business Owners Accelerate Growth--FREE

As our retailing industry pulls out of the recession, we need help and resources. This is a service opportunity I believe could help many of us in the retail industry.

If you saw "Strategic sales coaching company makes proprietary sales process available online to help small businesses increase average deal size by five to twenty times" would that pique your interest?

 That comment should grab the attention of any small business owner or sales representative who is interested in growing  business – and aren’t all business people looking for ways to grow business and to create jobs?
The Whale Hunters®, is a strategic sales coaching company that helps small businesses find and close large accounts. They recently announced the launch of its new online community, Pier9. The new site marks the re-launch and rebranding of the company originally founded in 2004, and makes the proprietary business development method, The Whale Hunters Process™, available to members online for the first time.

The proprietary process gives small businesses a systematic, repeatable method for finding and closing accounts that are typically five to twenty times larger than a company’s average customer. Hundreds of businesses using the process have been able to grow and insulate recurring revenue, in spite of tough economic conditions, and have closed name brand accounts including Dell, Cisco, Sears, Baskin Robbins, Eli Lilly, Under Armor, Insight and Papa John’s.

Pier9 members can access beginner, intermediate and advanced training content on the process, as well as related training resources in various formats like podcasts, online courses, live webinars and teleconferences. Training is designed to introduce whale hunting concepts to companies new to the process, and to help existing members continually assimilate and integrate the methodology into their own organizations. Pier9 also gives access to a team of in-house experts and other trained members, offering individualized deal coaching and hard-to-find industry and customer research.

"Whale hunting is a powerful sales method proven over years of implementation, which involves the entire organization, and ultimately transforms the company’s culture,” said Margie Traylor, CEO of The Whale Hunters. “We are excited to launch this new site and online community that gives members 24/7/365 access to training resources and expert support as they integrate whale hunting into their businesses every day.”

The Whale Hunters Process is designed to help small businesses serving any industry learn how to accelerate revenue growth by training the entire company to participate in the sales process, and by taking a proactive and deliberate approach to business development overall. Two Pier9 membership options, Basic and Premier, allow business owners and entrepreneurs to sample free content and cost-effectively consume training content whenever and however they prefer.

About The Whale Hunters®

Established in 2004 and headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, The Whale Hunters is a strategic sales coaching company that helps small businesses achieve explosive growth by landing bigger deals with bigger customers. The company has a growing network of certified partners across the country, and delivers its proprietary sales training method in person and online. Based on a proven, nine-phase business development process, The Whale Hunters method gives companies the steps and tools necessary to successfully find, land and harvest “whale-sized” accounts. Founder and president Dr. Barbara Weaver Smith, co-author of Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company, is a nationally-known authority on business development and the RFP process. For more details visit

What Clients Have to Say about The Whale Hunters

“Whale Hunting keeps us organized and on track. The metaphors have become a part of our day-to-day vernacular and have created a lasting effect on everyone. It is definitely a process that we know is repeatable and sustainable, no matter what the team or the market looks like.” Lori Sutorius-Jones - Co-Founder Avocet Communications

“We know this is just the beginning,” said Jim of Arizona Color. “Now we have a pipeline of national accounts and residual income from a steady stream of large customers that use our services month after month.”
For a wealth of similar sales and business development articles, podcasts, webinars, training courses, and online discussions, visit and join today! Basic membership is free.

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